Hello, World!

Hello and welcome.

I’ve been meaning to start writing this blog for some time. The twin pillars of “the perfect is the enemy of the good” and general laziness have for some time conspired to keep me from getting started. But the yak is shorn, and I’ve run out of excuses not to write.

This is meant to be my technical blog. I’ve written on other subjects elsewhere, but I intend to focus here on technology and my interactions with it, both professionally and personally. Part journal, part resume, and hopefully part oracle to people googling for answers at 2 a.m. on how to do… something.

Much of what I write will, at least initially, involve the cataloging of my exploits and achievements (such as they are) from my job as a MacAdmin/sysadmin and my experiences as a homelabber and would-be programmer. Hopefully it will also be well-written and avoid falling into the pattern hackneyed, hyperbole-ridden, manifestos that end up as the subject of mockery on certain internet forums.

As a largely self-taught programmer and systems administrator, one of the things that annoys me most is the lack of useful intermediate tutorials and guides. Something between “writing a ‘hello, world!’ app” and “orchestrating an auto-scaling, multi-container, high-availability, cloud application using Docker and Kubernetes with ZFS on the blockchain.” One of my goals is to attempt to cover that middle ground. Not everything I post will occupy that space—I expect I will cover tiny victories to big projects, as well as everything in between—but I do hope some of what I write here will help those of you who stumbled across it you draw The Rest of the Owl.